Ubertiny - Seller who sold me a defected package, threatened to call the cyber police on me.


I had ordered a package from this small business called Ubertiny on storenvy.com (they also happen to have an etsy) Being I'm huge into kawaii and Japanese things I collect rare kawaii squishys.Well, I ordered a Bear School White Bear Bun Squishy which is rare for 20.00$ which is the price for a mint condition item.

I also bought 2 more items which were mooncake and bear face squishy. When I received my package, the excitement turned to horror as I saw ALL of my items were defected and had rips all over them. I was so upset at the fact I spent 37$ total for a package of defected items. They had never stated the items were defected, so I filed a Paypal dispute to get a refund, well the store declined my refund and stated that they had proof apparently, that they sold me a new mint item and were threatening to call the cyber police on me.

The nerve of those people to lie and threaten me with some nonsense.

I recommend never to purchase from this store as they are deceptive and sell VERY defected items claiming in the listings they are new.NEVER AGAIN.

Review about: Package Order.

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